8 UV prints on brushed aluminum

Variable dimensions (2012)

Once again, the nature of the photographic image is at play in this series where photographs of female twins have been blurred by the traces of trajectories formed by the collisions of elementary particles.

Twinning and the double are in themselves characteristics peculiar to photography, the photographic image being, in a way, a double of reality. In the same way, the positive is connected to the negative and our vision is binocular. But twins are also classic figures of science fiction and particle physics; we could hence imagine the twin as another ‘I’ from a parallel universe who has accidentally ‘fallen’ into an already ‘occupied’ world.

Moreover, to me photography seems closely linked to quantum physics, for two reasons: on the one hand, because the photographic image is itself a trace left by light (which is nothing other than the flow of elementary particles, photons); on the other hand, because it is a projection of reality onto a two-dimensional medium at a given moment, and we could conversely wonder whether it is in fact reality that is a projection of a ‘sur-reality’ of the n-dimension, which we could get to from the (Euclidian) space ‘enclosing’ us. Lastly, there is the idea that the photographic gaze makes things exist –the photographer’s gaze, the spectator’s gaze; in the same way, quantum physics’ laws ordain that the observer’s gaze is determining, which questions particularly, the legendary experience of Schrödinger’s cat. The Yoga Sutra of Patañjali had already told us: ‘an object is known or unknown, depending upon the moods of the mind’ (see The Yoga Series).