Pigment prints on silver metallic paper

50 x 40 cm

Inspired by a Willy Zielke advertisement for Agfa color film, these prints of a single image represent three pieces of film closing in on themselves like a Moebius strip.

Since the digital revolution, analogue processes have constantly aroused renewed interest among artists and photography is now more alive than ever.

The Moebius ribbon motif embodies the idea of an endless loop, and is meant to be as a metaphor for an eternal new beginning. The accumulation of the 3 films in 3 juxtaposed versions - whose tints take up the idea of the additive synthesis of colours at the basis of digital photography - aims to produce a kind of vibration that expresses this vitality.

Being printed on metallic paper, the images produce iridescent reflections that differ according to the angle of view, a little in the manner of a daguerreotype, conferring a very particular facture to the work.