Video loop

While the term flickr now evokes a photo and video sharing platform, the English term flicker is the sparkle on the screen resulting from variations in electric tension as well as an experimental cinema genre referred to as “structural”. The genre, emerged in the United States in the 1960s, relies upon formal constraints including still frame, stroboscopic effect, loop and re-photography, forsaking the representation of reality in favor of the film's constitutive elements. The video Flicker, after Paul Sharits (2010) pays tribute to that movement through the work of Paul Sharits, one of its most emblematic representatives. Here, the flicker is created from test cards conceived to assess the quality of photographic lenses and color charts used to calibrate printing. The set of abstract images that punctuate the screening accounts for the highly technological nature of the photographic practice and confronts the viewer with a sensory experience and a form of abstraction.