Stainless steel, UV print on yellow PVC

Approximately 160 x 200 cm

This piece transcribes a Pentacon technical diagram from the East-German Pentacon company archives (tilted 90 degrees counter-clockwise) assigning a score from 1 to 5 to the "convinience level" of various photographic operations. Each strip initially corresponded to a cell in which a technical characteristic involved in taking a photograph was defined - in a language as detailed as indigestible - (for example: position of the exit pupil, lighting values: time and aperture coupled in semi-automatic mode with exposure indicator, fast rewind with motor controlled by the shot counter, etc.).

By shifting this techno-bureaucratic scheme from the language regime to that of the image, I wanted to erase the technical complexity of the operations involved in shooting, and emphasize the light, musical character of the photographic gesture.